Mrs Mama



If you were to ask me what my most favorite job is, I'll tell you what - it wouldn't be being the Chief Ambassador of the elevated lifestyle or Baroness of the Internet's upper crust. Nope, it'd be Chief Executive Mother of the Lilien household, hands down! A position in which I wouldn't trade for the world, one in which I'm devoted to + proud! What I look forward to most isn't always hitting high stats or conquering personal career bests - but being immersed in my children's happiness, love + their untainted life zest! So, just in case you ever wondered if there was life outside this Mrs. - the answer is YES, very much so... and it's littered with tiny sugary kisses!

Have a fabulous weekend, I hope yours is also filled with endless mini hugs + kisses!




Mrs Delicatessen



When it comes to entertaining + appetizing - it's easy to go overboard which isn't too surprising.  Often its the conventional that we tend to overlook - instead choosing something fandangled from a new trendy cook book. Delighting company doesn't always need to be highfalutin - on the contrary it's all in the manner in which you execute it! Usually the very best things are right under your nose - all you need to do is lower your high-brows in order to discover + expose. So next time you entertain, I beg you, forego the asparagus foam on pork belly croustini - instead set out a fabulous nosh spread + serve one heck of a dirty martini! What you'll find, is pure appetizing delight - guests that are happy + praising you all night!

Russ + Daughters Classic / Dean + Deluca Wagyu Pigs In A Blanket / Sardines / AleSmith IPA / Vueve Cliquot




These days I find myself feeling sophisticatedly feminine + yet rather playful - the submergence of the two, I must say, is a million times fun + yet every bit graceful. I refer to this state of dress as: Flamingo-ish - it's all the pink + glam without being "cupcakey" or "bimbo-ish." Think of it as free-spirited, ladylike fluff - but with loads of personality... think, chic without fuss. I love a look that effortlessly oozes high-fashion, but with a wink - it's kind of the ultimate perfect... don'tchya think?!

Charlotte Olympia Pumps / Oscar de La Renta Peplum Bustier / Rosantica Coral Necklace


Booze Board Bliss



Just spent some ample time sprucing up my Booze Board on Pinterest. Now, my dear friends, you will find an array of Punches, Rums, Margaritas, Sangrias + Cocktails galore! My hope is to provide you that booze-y place that you absolutely adore--a home away from home and so much more!

So go on + dive on in to the hundred of recipes...simply click and read for all the yummy necessities!




Meet Me...


Meet me by the pool at midnight - I'll be the one in my birthday suit looking all kinds of dynamite! You bring the champagne and I'll bring the fun - We'll take a dip in the skinny and frolic until we see the sun. And when the sun rises we'll steal off to catch some zzz's - but until then lets make some waves in the chlorinated seas.

Dedicated to my beloved Mister on this very special day - I love you more than anything and in every single way.


your MRS

Marilyn / Miu Miu Sandals / YSL Rouge Pur Couture #13 / Veuve Cliquot / Trina Turk Rex Ray Ice Bucket / Havianas / Altoids


The Cottontail Cocktail



Everyone needs a proper Easter cocktail - let's face it, your not gonna wash down those hoards of jelly beans with liquefied kale - so I've removed the burden and thus I present: The Cottontail Cocktail!! Inspired by my fluffy confidante Howard Lilien - this punchy cocktail not only boasts a white fluffy cottontail, but it screams instant Easter tradition! 

Here's a how he goes:

In a cocktail shaker 1/2 filled with ice add 2 ounces mandarin vodka, the juice of 1 lime, the juice of 1 lemon, 2 oz carrot juice, 1oz simple syrup + 1 egg white. Cap the shaker + do the 20 second bunny hop. Pour into chilled roly poly glasses + top with 1 jumbo marshmallow. For added sass garnish with a playboy swizzle.

Be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand so you can drink a lot - and while you're at it turn up some decent hip-hop!



Hanger One Vodka / Roly Poly Glasses / Shaker / Playboy Bunny Swizzles 


A Terrific Picnic!



I seriously love me a good picnic - They're fun at the park, but at the beach they're extra terrific! There's something about a decadent day splurge, a packed bevy of fun - and the fabulous idea of indulging + playing in the sun. Carting along all your naughty little favorites - you know, the good stuff that's high in delectable calorics! I'm a dedicated day drinker, I love chilled wine in the sun - it just makes having day fun just that much more fun! Celebrating the whole day is what its really all about - then going home with rosy cheeks, added smile lines and a headache no doubt!

Seize the day + honor thy picnic! (...and don't forget your lipstick!)

Prada Sunglasses / Bocce Ball Set / Ikat NapkinsSwanson Vineyards Rosato / Bunny knife / Honey / Humbolt Fog Chevre / Lobster Rolls Recipe / Salad Jars / Rug / Quote Print


Take Me To...


If I could be like Scotty, and beam myself anywhere - I must say I'd really love to be beamed to Cinque Terre! What a glorious looking place - which I'm sure would only look better with my MRS face! I could only be so lucky as to occupy one of those beach cabanas - you know my suite would be striped to match, which'd be totally bananas - I'd even tie on one of those Carmen Miranda-esque bandannas!! I think a trip to Monterrosso's Beach must be in my immediate future - so if you know Scotty, tell him to email me... I'm at my computer!!



Cinque Terre


Garden Fevah


I've got the fevah, the garden fevah - all I can think about is cascading bougenvilla and lemon verbena! Spring has officially srung here in exotic Sahn Diago - All the trees are blooming with lemons, oranges + avocado. I can't help but plot out my garden game plan - my mind races over outdoor accessories + the wonderment of the flora I'll plant. Over the coming weeks I'll be indulging my glamorously green thumb - whilst resurrecting my garden in the warm California sun!

Humming Bird Feeder / Watering Can / Wire Chairs / Garden Tools / Seed Bombs / Grazing Garden Sheep / Hot Pink Hose


Digital Spring Cleaning


Have you ever caught a glimpse of something totally terrifying? How about looking at your inbox to see 15,159 unread emails... let me tell ya, it's horrifying!! Welcome to the digital realm of my MRS reality - like many, I'm on countless lists, I've reached maximum capacity. So, I decided late last night to do a bit of self sanity saving - what followed was two and a half ours of "SafeUnsubscribe"-ing, and man it felt amazing! Sure I like to keep in touch and know about all the latest + greatest - but I think doing it on my oun time without comprising my inbox is the best arrangement. I can tell you how freeing it feels not to get 20+ emails per hour - instead of spending so much time deleting I'll have more time to light up my browser! So, if by chance you saw little ol' me unsubscribe from your e-mailings - please know that I still have love for ya, but I'll be doing my own scheduled gazings. 

I highly encourage you to take the time to downsize + unsubscribe - keep the ones you love and to whome your email address you chose to provide!

Happy cleaning!




The Day Maker: Cinco Powell



The other day I was just sitting around minding my own business - there was a knock at the door, why it was the UPS Mistress!! She handed me a rather large and mysterious box - my face full of wonder, I smiled back in response. And like that she was gone with the wind - I turned on a dime and headed in with a sprint! "What oh what could possibly be inside?" I pondered. I tore off the tape, flipped open the lid then giddily hollered. For what upon my glistening eyes did appear? A big, beautiful Cinco Powell tote with 2 large leather tassels and my MRS monogram engraved upon a gold sphere!! Also included was a hefty gold chain necklace - perhaps to wear my monogram and feel all kinds of MRS marvellous! Talk about a total day maker - a brand new custom spring tote is pretty major!! 

Thank you Cinco Powell for my fabulous new tote - not only did you make my day, but you set my MRS heart afloat!




Sleepy Time Spirit



I do so believe that it is my duty to glorify the mundane - to make marvelous the daily practices that can be tired or lame. Let's take for instance the Lounging Arts - why there's endless layers of pleasing bedtime matter to regard!! Forget the tattered tee, boxers + tube socks - for there are far greater things to don with supercilious nonchalance. I'm a die hard lover of the long sleep gown - it's pretty much the sexiest silhouette in snoozetown. My newest obsession however belongs to the bedroom jacket + classic house slipper - especially of the satin-quilted variety and ones that shimmer like golden glitter! No goodnight story is complete sans the proper pillow prop - this one above celebrating a monogram just postures with perfect pomp. And, lastly the illustrious sleep mask - this is a MRS absolute must have item for hitting the indulgent sack! Nothing, including expensive candle ambient light, should interfere with ones beauty sleep - for, she must be satin sleep mask clad and at least 2 Ambien deep!

Take a few moments today to review your nighttime repertoire - edit what's trés lame and illuminate your sleepy time boudoir! Not only with your dreams be better - but you're sleepy time look will be totally red letter!!



Bedroom Jacket / Sleep Gown / Wedge Pillow / Sleep Mask / House Slippers


Post St. Patty's Day Hangover Remedy


Ah yes, how we love to ring in the St. Patrick's Day festivities - but we could do without the pesky downside of those over-spiriting activities!! Not only that, but it's Monday for crying out loud - it's just not a good day for feeling pukey and plowed. Therefore I've done you all a huge favor - I've concocted a post St. Patty's Day hangover eraser!! The above infographic should be pretty easy to follow - hey, it's better than doing the porcelain bus staccato!! Each ingridient above serves a very important hangover reliving purpose - in fact, by not partaking in this recipe, you're really doing yourself a disservice! So, if you've found yourself this fine Monday hurtin' for certain - I urge you to give my remedy a try and relive yourself of the burden!

Good Morning + Good Luck!




The Shamrock Smash


When Madame Atlas comes a knockin' asking for a St. Patties Day elixir - you pull out the big guns and fix' er some spirited liquor! She asked for something fun + green - so I reciprocated as you can see. What I present to you for your St. Patricks Day festivities - my Shamrock Smash for all your imbibing activities. Not only is it delicious + green infused - it's also Amy Atlas approved! Cheers to a fabulous weekend filled with Irish cheer and luck - be sure to don some green, have fun + drink up!


Rummy Night


It's healthy to shake things up a bit evr' now and again - you know, mix a little crazy in with your zen! I bet it's been ages since you've hosted a girly game night - the kind that gets a little raucous and goes well into the night! So I've taken liberty to map out one heck of a shindig - hosting Rummy Night (done right) can be bananas, and you can even win big! You'll need 4 gals or gays, or perhaps 2 couples - you could even have 8 and match them up as doubles! What ever your fun-time combo, just remember to keep it Rummy - you'll want to serve my Kumquat RumTini that's out-of-this-world yummy! A boisterous night in can be all kinds of fun - and when it's done right it'll be second to none!

Vintage Rummicub Set / Cocktail Set / Trina Turk Los Olivos Pillows / Deb Lippmann, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun PolishYSL Lipstick, Fuchsia Pink


The GlamTown Gang


I proudly introduce to you The GlamTown Gang - a trifecta of glam super gals who'll periodically dominate this domain. Known for their ferocious fashion sense and sage advice - they'll occasionally chime in on our posts whilst drooling over the merchandise. They'll pop up here and there, perhaps when you least expect - to say what's on their mind regarding the current subject. You'll have a hay day getting to know this glammy trio - they're rather amusing I'll have you know. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show - you won't want to miss this gang's first cameo!!

Mrs. Onyx, Ring / Mrs. Emerald, Earrings / Mrs. Canary, Earrings


Debonair Details



Every now and again I get visually swept off my feet - with detailed delights that are so fabulously esteemed. Be it a snippet here or a tod bit there - even something small can be awestrickenly debonair! Mastering the are of statement making is really all in the details - and thus she who turns heads is she who prevails!



The latest Gossip



There's nothing quite like good personal gossip - especially the kind that you're not trying to hide in the closet! The past two months I've found myself in the local Sahn Diahgo spotlight - and I must say the little featured bits have been quite the delight! So I leave you today with the above local fodder - and while I'm at it: MRS kisses to Riviera + San Diego Mag for the honor!!


Mrs Sunnytime


All hail Mrs. Sunnytime - a true die hard seeker of the sunshine! A gal after my very own heart, she prefers the balmy to the frigid - always bedecked in warm weather wear that's punchy + vivid. Talk about a lady with a skip to her step - Mrs. Sunnytime cuts a rather sunny silhouette. She can't help it, it's just the way she is - saturated with light + beaming with bliss!

Vintage Sunglasses / Pom Pom Umbrella / JA Tote / JA Visor / Pom Pom Towel / Salt Water Sandals

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