peden + munk


Today I had the absolute PLEASURE of working with the lovely and talented duo Jen Munkvold + Taylor Peden of peden + munk. Delightful, warm and ferociously talented, they came and captured with an effortless ease. The second they whirled in the door their cameras, lighting equipment and other apparatuses came flying out of bags and trunks, ready to capture at a moments notice. Working in unison like a well oiled machine, the clicks, snaps and pops from the strobe light along with their direction and individual camera cues was like being right smack in the middle of a photo-poetic mastery. For 2 hours that seemed like 5 minutes they had me laughing and left me inspired and thrilled to see what kind of magic they have in store. I can't WAIT to see what they come up with and will most certainly be sharing the visual splendor that they bestow upon me! Stay tuned...

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