Black + White + BOLD all over

























When the word BOLD comes to mind, I immediately think black and white. Wether large or small in stature a bold trinket, accessory or accent boasts quite a commanding demeanor. I love that when placed all together, they hold such a fierce presence - and if each of the above items were given a voice they'd all start sceaming 'ME! ME! ME!' {don't you just love that?} Each of these pieces {in no particular order} would certainly be my top picks designed to wow by their ferocious KAPOW!

1. Les Fluers Cuff, 2. Belmont Table Lamp, 3. Radcliffe Mirra, 4. Dervish Pillow, 5.Uppers Jar {a personal fav!} 6. White Onyx Ring, 7. Pat Nixon Rug, 8. Feather Pillow, 9. Chevron Treasure Box

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