Ode to Flo Bro!


If there is another re-invention-ista far more illustrious than Florence Broadhurst, well... I'd love to meet her! What a lady and what a checkered existence! Her personal affairs aside, this woman and the visual splendor that she bestowed upon us is nothing short of awe inspiring! She went BIG, she went BOLD, she personified FLAMBOYANCE - and I applaud her for it!! She went on to become the founder and mastermind of an outrageously prolific wallpaper design studio in the mid century era. She illustrated confidence through her work - never apologizing for her ostentatiousness. It is with esteem and great admiration that I pay homage to Mrs. Florence Broadhurst. May the wonderment of her work and the legacy that she left behind fuel the re-invention-extraordinista in us all!

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013