I have what you call a slight obsession with drama - visual drama that is. And, personally, I think drama in perfectly healthy doses can be quite good for one's well being. That said - let's shed some light on Lash drama. Let's face it, our lashes are an assest - there's no two ways about it. For us ladies, batting our lashes is a way of life and part of our daily routine. Just think how glorious [and possibly laborious] blinking and certainly winking could be with a fabulous set of Lashes!! Here's what I have to say "Let there be falsies! Let us embrace our inner Tammy-Faye! Let us guild them in gold if we do so please! Let us luxuriate in luscious and lengthy lashes! Long Live Lashes!" Yes, I'd say that sums it up!

1. Twiggy [Lash Goddess!] 2. Dazzling Diamante Lashes 3. Turbo Lash - Gold Effects 4. 24k Gold Lash Curler 5. Mascara Singulier 6. Fleur-Ever Lashes 7. Accent Lashes 8. Eyelashes Canister 9. Falsie Applicator 10. Chic Lashes 11. Glam Feather Lashes 12. Can-Can Lashes

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