All That Glitters


I'm just going to come out with it... I BELIEVE IN GOLD! That's right, I said it! I worship the bling-bling and I'll take it in just about any form I can get it in. I'll wear it, carry it, decorate with it and drink it - heck, I'd even eat it if I could! Gold does a girl good, especially during holiday season. It's this time of year that we're allowed to bring out the big guns. So why not go for the gusto and bring out some big blingy gold guns! This season - when in doubt - channel your inner Mrs. Lilien and go GOLD - it's worth it's weight!

1. Gold Bar Paperwieght 2. Bourgie Table Lamp 3. Crushed Glitter Minaudiere 4. Metallic Gold Snakeskin Lips Clutch 5. Tailor Scissors 6. Bourgeois Bow Ring 7. Serpent Necklace 8. Absolut Bling Bling 9. Gold Pipe Candlestick 10. Cluster Earrings

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