Gaming Gamine



A gaggle of gals, gossip, gallivanting and gaiety calls out for one thing : a GAME! With just the right mixture of great fun and Gin Fizzies, a game can be the perfect ingredient to a glorious good time! Be it backgammon, bingo or blindfolded darts - a great game is always a good idea! Gather the gals, fancy up a parade of Gin Fizzies and get your game on! Gaming is fun, gaming is good - have you gamed lately? Well, you should!

1. Kate Spade Playing Cards 2. Tournament Bingo 3. Spin Me Bottle 4. Eye Dice 5. Wink Blindfold 6. lacquer Box Playing Cards 7. Backgammon Set 8. Pink Darts 9. 'Not Your Mom's Dinner Party' Table Topics Cube


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