Come FLY with me



Let's fly, let's fly away - If you could use some exotic booze - there's a bar in far Bombay... Just say the words and we'll beat the birds down to Acapulco Bay... Ah yes, the stylings of the legendary Mr. Sinatra singing my special tune is all it takes to send me into vacation la-la land. It doesn't take much to spark my imagination into a luxurious destination vacation blaze fully equipped with warm sandy beaches, lunching at private villas and sunbathing by glittering pools! Wouldn't it be nice to float down to Peru - and on a whim? Why not! A Caprice Carry-all with some necessary items that cater to a balmy climate and a fabulous tan, would be brilliant to have at the ready. Here's what I'd toss into mine right before packing up and flying away...

 1. Resort Shift 2. The Sun is Shining Necklace 3. Essie Shorty Pants Polish 4. Essie Mint Candy Apple Polish 5. Disco Fever Ring 6. Madras 7. Westbury Drawstring Opus 8. Mid Night Cowboy Glittering Lotion 9. Lugano Leather Valise 10. Avalon Sunglasses 11. Invite Rebellion Necklace 12. Essie Bright Tights Polish 13. Finish Scarf


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