Whether flying down the interstate in a topless vintage, sunning on Ipanema Beach or indulging in poolside cocktails, a scarf is must have item for any lady! Admittedly, these are more of a spring and summer accessory but being that the Mrs resides in eternal sunshine, both at home and away, I found it quite fitting to mention. With the addition of a stately pair of sunglasses, a scarf sporting sister suddenly switches into 'Intercontinental Mrs of Mystery' - and who wouldn't want to be that?? Chic and mystique with little effort, a scarf clad lady is sure to be a looker!

1. Pierre Cardin Maximum Mod 2. Trina Turk 3. Coach Bonnie Cashin Gone Fishing Scarf 4. Hermes-Sellier 5. Emilio Pucci Collection 6. Trina Turk 7. Vera Scarf 8. Giorgio Sant Angelo Silk Scarf

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