Who the HECK is Mrs. Lilien?



Oh my, where to begin? Well... I like to think of Mrs. Lilien as many things, or how about a lady of many hats - yes, that sounds nice. First and foremost, she is a graphic designer, this is where her story began. Some may know her as Pink Dot Press, [est. in 2005 and still going strong.] Others may recognize her as Kelley Lilien - graphic design goddess, and now as Mrs. Lilien! The Mrs. is a rather flamboyant soul defined best as witty, fearless, extravagant as all get out, not to mention daring, dashing and somewhat dangerous. She's the older-bolder-brighter-wiser version of the coolest person you know. With boundless enthusiasm and an exuberantly sunny disposition, she is the mastermind and stylist behind the Mrs. Lilien Styling House - home of the  Eye Candy Showcase [soon to launch in January 2010!] To find out a whole heckofalot more read about her here in the latest issue of Riviera Magazine - page 68 to be exact! If it's her style that you adore, and would LOVE to acquire - not to worry, she's available for hire - go ahead, inquire!

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