Whether swooning Santa, or Hanukkah hopping - a Mrs must always look her festive best! Dashing and cheeky, she arrives astutely adorned and always brings a bottle of bubbly - because what's a bash bereft of "bottoms up"[?!] She comes bearing hostess gifts and good tidings galore - accompanied by red cheek kisses right at the door! She's prim n' proper and just a little bit spicy, she's the life of the party and just about every thing that's nicey!

1. Gold Brocade Tulle Corset Dress 2. Heart Headband 3. Park Ave Pearls Bauble Necklace 4. Couture Patent Leather Pumps 5. Park Ave Pearl Ring 6. Lollipop Polish 7. Holiday Home Candle 8. Reve Champagne 9. Bow Clutch


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