Making Spirits Bright



"What fun it is to laugh and drink a cocktail or two tonight, Oh..."  Splendid spirits, dashing drinks, captivating cocktails... what ever you must call them they most certainly go hand in hand with holiday season! I'm loving me a Sparkling Sidecar and if I'm feeling a bit spicy perhaps a Magnificent Manhattan [two cherries, please] and to top it off I'll take it neat, in a gold lined tumbler, thank you. Boo for boring drinks and plain jane fare. Yay for Yale Cocktails and audacious accoutrements! It's the holidays baby, and the dazzling drinks are on me!

1. Vintage Cocktails by Laziz Hamani 2. Rambouillet Goblets  3. Giraffe Swizzle Stick 4. Lovejoy Vodka  5. Sip Of Gold Champagne Cups 6. Kram Cocktail Napkins 7. Sea Cider [via Kate Spade] 8. Arabesque Double Old Fashioned Glass 

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