A Moxy Mrs.


A Moxy Mrs is a Mrs who cocktails well before 5 o'clock. She usually takes her Tanqueray up and with a twist, too. She'll accessorize herself with reckless abandon from head to heels - wearing gold quite proudly and prefering diamonds - always. She's never afraid to prance around in a pair of preposterous pumps and while leisurely lunching with the ladies she sports her stately sunglasses to as well as thru lunch. She always has a flock of ferocious frocks at the ready and she just might show up to afternoon tea in a rather courageous leisure caftan. She'd be mad to leave the house with out her lips painted and usually a ravishing shade of red and she'll never apologize for it either! A Mrs of the Moxy make and model is a marvelous Mrs, if you haven't met one yet, you'll know her when you see her... she's quite the coquette!

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