A la Natur-elle



Woody and wondrous is a Mrs who can rock the a la natur-elle! Fresh faced [with gloss, of course!] and fancy free, she skips to her lou - whilst keeping it real, shiny and always new! A lovely lumber clad Mrs is sure to get a second glance, admirers might stumble, clap or even dance! Eco-chic meets glam makes for quite a savvy Mrs - cause for celebration, and two cheek kisses!

1. Tania Light Wood Clutch 2. Praline Acorn Earings 3. Faceted Gold Wood Bangle 4. Oud Wood Eau De Parfum 5. Nars Triple X Gloss 6. Urban Spectacles 7. Ingrained in Elegance Necklace 8. Esther Wood Pump

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