Dinner Party Delights


If there's one thing a Mrs must know how to do [and do well] it's throw a dinner party - and not just any ol' dinner party - but a delightful dinner party at that! A glittering menu from appetizer to aperitif is just as paramount to a successful supper soiree as is the essential tabletop tackle. First and fundamentally needed are fantastical salt cellars, proper butter vessels and bow ties for your bourbon cocktails. Not to be overlooked nor secondary, Mimi's bone china and 24k flatware are the ultimate utilitarian front runners at any place setting - not to mention fabulous conversation pieces to boot! An abundance of alcohol, proper cocktail mixery as well as dexterous consumption skills are an integral component to fruitful in home entertaining. Lastly, parting gifts whether they be tasty morsels or tiny trinkets - a take away treat is the perfect parting pleasantry!

1. Scottie Salt Cellar 2. Johnson Bros. Old Britain Castles Plate 3. Harry Allen Banana Bowl  4. Dress For Dinner Napkins 5. Mepra Gold Flatware 6. Bow Tie Drink Tags 7. Truro Gold Pitcher 8. Shoe Butter Dish 9. Munch Dish

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