Beach Regency


This is a glamorous and beachy Mrs - who lavishes herself in luxury and warm sunshine kisses. She's hip to the uber-beach crowd - she's slightly famous in St. Tropez and pretty proud. She's famous for her glamorous beach parties - where she pours a mean mojito that's heavy on the Bacardi. She galavants around in metallicy-fun hues - and every now and again she prances around sans her shoes! It's the beach she visits with wild frequency - what else would you expect from Mrs. Beach Regency?!

 1. Metallic Tweed Dress 2. Patterned Square Frame Sunglasses 3. Wicker Outdoor Pendant Light 4. Coral Reef Pearl + Star Bracelet 5. Crystal Embellished Coral Earrings 6. Hiroko Cabana Wicker Lounger 7. Twisted Rope Sandal 8. Special Resort Origami Tote 9. Adelita Polish 10. Resort Fashion Book

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