In A Mrs. Gift Closet


Asked by the magnificent Alexis Swanson Traina for my Mrs. gift closet must haves - I happily obliged, and am sharing it with you on her behalf! Enjoy!


It its widely known that an impeccably stocked gift closet is an integral component - for every successful Mrs always has an inventory of gifts at any given moment. With the countless social gatherings that she must adhere - in a single calendar year - she must have thoughtful gifts both clever and sincere. A constant work in progress is her mentioned gift closet - to which she must make frequent withdraws and deposits! She must keep it stuffed with gifts that are fresh and glittering - she doesn't worry herself with constant uncluttering - all that matters is the gracious thought that she's delivering. It's important to have a smattering of all things luxurious and fine - you can never go wrong with gold lined tumblers and a case of amazing wine!  She always has goodies for her nephews and nieces - perfect treats for her tennis partners, usually entertaining pieces. She's smart to stock with her family and social colleagues in mind - there's nothing wrong with a gorgeous book and matching monocle when you're in a bind! Lastly and certainly not leastly, house gift wrapping must not be overlooked - a signature gifting style must be established + hooked! So there you have it, the contents of a Mrs. Gift Closet - an absolutely delightful gifting composite! 
Gift closets are essential, gift closets are good - have you a gift closet? Well, maybe you should!



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