Mrs. Libra


Oh the mesmerizing Mrs. Libra - she's a harmony driven diva - and so astoundingly full of vim and viva! She's romantic, sociable and just so charming - she exudes an easy-going-ness that's with out a doubt alarming! She's pretty flirtatious and rather self indulgent - she's idealistic, peaceable and ridiculously pleasant! She's easily influenced and at times questionably gullible - but there's not doubt that she's good hearted and painfully loveable! She likes things fair and balanced, but her goodness by far outweighs the bad - She's Mrs. Libra and she's unequivocally FAB!

1. Versus, Silk-Satin + Chiffon Mini Dress 2. Karolina Pumps 3. Vintage Dangling Lapis Clip-ons 4. Deborah Lippmann, Across The Universe Nail Color 5. Lanvin, Ouloulou Satin Pouchette 6. Sip Of Gold Champagne Cups 7. Jonathan Adler, Libra Pillow 8. Antoinette Fainting Sofa

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