There's truly no better way to punch things up then by perking up your pout - and smearing on a lively shade of lipstick will do that no doubt! Nothing screams glam like a saturated lip - and preferably a bright shade with added zip! Perhaps your lips just needs a perk - a dab of balm could certainly kick up your smirk! You'll be astounded at how lovely, dramatic and happy chromatic  - your new look will be with a little LIPtastic! Go for a big lip, go for a bold lip - the brighter the better, lipitty-stick!

1. Lips, by Andy Warhol 2. Perk Up Those Lips 3. Illamasqua Lipstick, Ignite 4. Nars, Turks + Caicos 5. Tom Ford Lip Color, Cherry Lush 6. Nars Lip Lacquer, Hotwired  

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