Mrs. Red Riding Hood



Mrs. Red Riding Hood - she sure is lookin' good! She's keeping it fancy and she's keeping it foxy - her spirits are high and a little intoxy - I think it's her hood that gives her that added moxie! Drenched in ravishing red and glittering gold - she's painfully ladylike, sprightly and bold! Whatever her endeavors, you know she's up for riotous fun - in a sea of costumery, she'll undoubtedly be the prettiest one! 

Wishing you all a very happy Halloween!!


Mrs. Lilien

1. Paul & Joe Sister, Charperon Wool-Crepe Cape 2. Christian Louboutin Twisted Suede Bootie 3. Vintage 1970's Sunglasses 4. Diamond Cluster Earrings 5. Picnic Basket Purse 6. Elizabeth Yarborough Ribbon Collar 7. Vintage Gold Fox Brooch 8. Yves Saint Laurent, Le Rouge Lipstick

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