Mrs. Gossip


Fridays were made for gathering your favorite gaggle of gals - and for partaking in prized indulgences with these closest of Mrs. pals. There's nothing naughtier than an entire afternoon saturated with booze and gossip - unless of course you were enjoying this activity whilst poolside, which would be a toss-up! The exchange of social pleasantries perhaps followed by the juiciest of banter - can only be made better by the steady flow of elixir from the decanter. Hot spiked tea and a piled high plate of shameless noshes - is the perfect fuel to a gossip laden fire resulting in endless gasps and "oh-my-gosh's!" Afternoons such as these are what Mrs. dreams are made of - the day in which they are no more is the day that I'm afraid of! So pull out that coveted bone china and dust off your favorite gossip bench - invite your ladies over and let the bewitching babble commence!

Gossiping Ladies 1. Noble Poppy Bone China Tea Set 2. 10 Cane Rum 3. Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins 4. Claude Gossip Bench 5. Kobe Pigs In A Blanket

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