Mrs. Confection


If you've ever wondered about a Mrs. who's sweet as sweet can be - you needn't look further than Mrs. Confection, you see! She's always candy colored, not to mention sugar coated - for it's the sweetness of the saccharin goody to which she's utterly devoted - thus defining her disposition as sticky-sweet and happy-go-loaded! It goes without saying she's got a wicked sweet tooth - so she brushes incessantly, this is the truth - according to Mrs. Confection, a flawed smile is profoundly uncouth! She lives for the tiniest of treat laden pleasures - and somehow turns all things mundane into confectionary treasures.  It's nearly impossible for her to have a wretched day - when you are candy-clad and dandily happy life is nothing but an endless soiree!!

1. Undeniable Charisma Dress 2. Bedazzled Earrings 3. Gold Toothbrush 4. Yves Saint Laurent, Palais Platform Pumps 5. Lulu Guinness, Perspex Lips Clutch 6., Chiffon Pom Pom Shoe Clips 7. Jonathan Adler, Gumball Jar

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