Mr. & Mrs. Thanksgiving


It is with utter delight that Mr. & Mrs. Thanksgiving share thy bounty - with a feast fit for royalty and free flowing booze aplenty! They'll be gussied up in their holiday best - shimming around the kitchen while chatting up each special guest. The Mrs. will dress a fanciful [and don't you know it] festive table - while the Mr. will pull out his trusty pewter ladle - handed down to him by his Great Aunt Mabel. When the feast is ready and all laid out - 'twill be a glittering sight, swoon worthy no doubt! The dining room will be filled with the most ineffable clatter - as the happy company indulge themselves with decadent food and chit-chatter. There'll be plenty of good cheer and lots of chin-chinning - with so much to be grateful for on this Happy Thanksgiving!!

1. Brooks Brothers, Velvet Slippers 2. Pierrepont Hicks, Saturday Bow 3. Mr. Cocktailer 4. Brooks Brothers, Indian Head Penny Cufflinks 5. Nixon, The Time Teller Watch 6. Gravy Boat + Warmer 7. Jonathan Adler, Enamel Serving Set 8. Chugach Butter Dish 9. Erdem, Garzoni Dress 10. Place Cards 11. Susan Caplan Vintage Chanel Earrings 12. Yves Saint Laurent, Orange Magic No. 2  13. Mrs. Cocktailer 14. Christian Louboutin, Champagne Satin Pumps 

Wishing each of you a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving!!

Holiday Kisses, 

The Lilien Mrs.

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013