1 Mrs, 2 Frocks, 3 Ways, 4 The Holidays...




It's high holiday season which beckons fanciful evening regalia - occasions that demand abundantly festive paraphernalia! It's the time of year to pull out all the stops - by adorning oneself with festive props - dressed and ready for impromptu fox trots or even counting down till that shimmering ball drops. Celebratory bedecking is as easy as 1-2-3, the options are endless as you can see - for instance B & E or even D & C - are instant holiday successes, I guarantee! Open up your closet and gather all the show-stoppers - with a little mixing and matching your certain to nail down some jaw-droppers! The more the merrier the bolder the better - every soiree needs a token glittering go-getter. Now, for all the ladies that happen to be single - you'll especially want to jazz up the jingle - you never know, you may even mingle - with that foxy Kris Kringle!

A holiday bedecking how-to at this Mrs.'s request - gave way to this fancy post on dressing with zest. I hope you enjoy it both here and here - and may it bring you good tidings + wardrobe cheer!

A: Polish / Head Band / Earrings / Pumps B: Frock C: Necklace / Lipstick / Shoe Clips / Pumps D: Frock
E : Necklace / Polish / Earrings / Pumps



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