Pressing On... Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer, legendary goddess of the frock - inventress of juicy textiles that categorically rock - hands-down holds a place within my inspiration index, and at the very top! The present day Lilly Pulitzer is littered with perfect fashion confections - spilling over with resort-chic genius in their every collection! From the ladylike appeal to the larger than life prints - the entire brand just oozes with crowning irreverence! I spun whirls and twirls to find that the admiration was tantamount - it's no fact of fiction that I was delighted on every account! They asked for an exclusive interview to which I happily obliged - and thus I share with you the savory treat that materialized!

I tip my hat to you Mrs. McGinn - I hope that one day soon we can do it all again!

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