A Literary Mrs.


Talk about a smarty pants - this Mrs can sing the plot of Pride and Prejudice in perfect descants.  Not only is she wickedly smart and astutely well read - she double majored in Evolutionary Biology and Pre-med. She's known to steal off to her library - and spend hours relaxing while re-reading the dictionary. She's witty, cunning and sharp as a tack - and always prepared with a smarty pants comeback. Good looks and fashion sense aside, she's certainly no half wit - she's frighteningly well versed thanks to her ludicrous love of lit. Despite her seemingly gritty shell - she a sure fire sweetie who's super swell. She's a Mrs who loves herself some books - and certainly gets her fair share of swoony looks. Smart and cute...? What more would you need...? If you ask her, she'll say 'throw in a good read!'

1. Knitted Blazer 2. Readers 3. Tess Briefcase 4. Mini-Cigarette Shrunken Lit Books 5. Square Toe Leather Pump 6. X Ashtray 7. 14k Book Mark 8. ABC pillow 9. Bergere Chair 10. Pictorial Websters Dictionary 11. Edie Lamp 12. Pride and Prejudice

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