Mrs. Basket Case


This is a fun loving Mrs - who fulfills all her basket loving wishes.  She's got mad love for just about anything woven - a love affair with weave is the life that she's chosen. She adores a good picnic to which she fills her basket - full of tasty treats and everything FUNtastic! You can bet that she'll bring a great bottle of Chianti - and fabulous little glasses that she loves to flaunty. She's always dressed for an impromptu picnic - keeping with her quirkiness she prefers lip balm over lipstick. All the while being undeniably unique - she totally owns boho-weave-chic. And, although at times she's a little scattered - she's the life of the picnic - and that's all that matters! Despite the fact that she's all over the place - we love her for who she is - that crazy Mrs. Basket Case!

1. Beach Tabalah Kaftan 2. Square Frame Sunglasses 3. Snake Chain Bracelet 4. Kiss Me Lip Balm 5. Minger Nail Lacquer 6. Vintage 50's Picnic Basket 7. Perforated Platform Sandal 8. Fiesta Park Bag 9. Corine Clutch 10. Party Tumblers 11. Chianti 

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