Mrs. Cooks-A-Lot


Mrs. Cooks-A-Lot is domestically delightful - in the kitchen she is culinarily insightful. She's a classic Mrs with modern sensibilities - perfectly costumed and equipped with all the essential utilities. Her food preparation skills are undoubtedly razor sharp - she can butcher, truss and roast a duck while in the dark. She's rather fluent with French cuisine - her meals are presentation perfect and worthy of a foodie magazine. She's won't shy away from tricky seafood dishes - she'll take requests and exceed your mouthwatering wishes. Her dinner parties are things of legends - she's known to astound her guests with her tasty inventions. I'm pretty sure it's the special elixir that she fills her cup - as to why she's so happy while she's whipping something up. You'll never really know what it is that she throws in her gold pot - she keeps her recipes secret [as she should] she's Mrs. Cook-A-Lot.

1. Pivette Ruffled Crepe Dress 2. Garden Party Collar Necklace 3. Sparkle Apron 4. Steppe Cocktail Glasses 5. Chinatown Glossy Pencil 6. Tipsy Crantini 7. Doily Coasters 8. Mauviel Pot 9. Specari Pumps 10. Balloon Whisk 11. Fashion Plates

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