Mrs. Literary Book Club



It is with divine pleasure that I deem every first Friday - a Mrs Literary book club day! Each month I'll announce a fabulous new Mrs read - in which you will take the month to finish the deed. I'll throw in some corresponding goodies to go along - to aid in the fun you'll have all month long. And when the time comes to meet again - we'll discuss the best parts of the who what and when. The books bestowed will be literary works of wonder - things you wouldn't normally get your Mrs head under. We'll explore fashion, cocktails and etiquette - worldly knowledge, nothing heavy, but better yet - travel, gossip, magnificent Mrs.'s - mostly all the sweet subjects we Mrs.'s covet. Nothing sappy, nothing sorry nothing to make you weepy - but rather FUNtastic, splendidly spastic books you'll want to keepy. And thus a treasure trove of readable gems will fill your library - and you'll owe it all to the fabulous club of Mrs. Literary. Either way this club is a total win-win - for, you'll soon be neck deep in Mrs topics... Chi-Chin!

For now the first juicy Mrs book will remain a myth - but stay tuned for I'll announce the title on March Fifth!

1. Dashund Bookends 2. Chapter Book Journal 3. Bookworm Bookmarks 4. Glenda Readers 5. Personal Library Kit

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