Mrs. Brunch



All hail this most marvelous Mrs. Brunch - she was bound to come along sooner or later, I had a hunch. She's perfectly casual although painstakingly foxy - she gallivants around with all sorts of moxy. This Mrs is considerably colorful and I'd say rather dashing - and she pulls off her innate style with out overly clashing. She paints her nails a super shade of sunny side up - and, in perfect brunching spirit she brings her own monogrammed cup. She prefers to be comfortable while she eats - in lieu of pumps she wears fashionable flats on her feets.  She takes her brunching rather seriously - being that it's her only meal she consumes quite fearlessly. On occasion her tastes change, though she loves her some French toast - yet it's the multiple mimosas that I think she enjoys the most. Eggs Benny and crispy bacon she'll certainly be munching - like I said she prominently goes all out while she's brunching. If one day you happen to run into her while out and about - she'll probably invite you along to brunch, no doubt! She's tons of fun and super punchy - oh how we love this adorable Mrs. Brunchy!

1. Striped Coat 2. Max 11 Straw Fedora 3. Onyx + Emerald Brooch 4. Yellow Fever Polish 5. Kiss Kiss Lipstick 6. Compact Mirror 7. 60's Sunglasses 8. Orange Ivy Pleat Grab Bag 9. Prepu Flats 10. Croc Print Patent Wallet 11. Monogrammed Mug 

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