Ode to Mrs. Schiaparelli


Let's take a peek, shall we, at the legendary Mrs. Schiaparelli - a remarkable Italian fashion designer who was super swelly. She was a designer along side the lovely Mrs. Coco - although this Mrs.'s achievements were considered slightly loco. She introduced fashion to a pink so shocking - it had just about everyone and their mother talking. "I gave to pink the nerve of a red" - this is what she did, and this is what she said. Heavily inspired by surrealism and the movement dada - her creations were show stopping and could be topped by nada! Her collaborations were what everyone knew - her time was well spent with Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. Her wild imagination lead to the lobster frock and shoe hat - once they were bestowed, she was famous and that was that! We love that she was totally bowtastic - not to mention fashionably fantastic! And now we look upon her from a time so distant - Her imagination quite valiant - I'd share a drink with this Mrs in an instant!

1. Mrs. Elsa Schiaparelli 2. Lobster Brooch 3. Shocking Life Book 4. Shoe Hat  5. Silk Lapin Bow 6. Rodarte Bow Sunglasses 7. Dayglo Orange & Pink Bracelet


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