Mrs. Clementine


This is the lovely Mrs. Clementine - she's all orangey and super fine! This Mrs enjoys being a homebody - she sings a bit of a different tune so lah-ti-dah-ti!! Even though she stays at home she still gets dolled up, as well as baubled up - almost as if she's prepping for a close-up. She has a fascination with orange hues - and when deemed appropriate she prefers to go with out shoes. And, just because she roams around shoeless - doesn't mean she's totally clueless - she's rockin' a Halston gown and basking in it's newness! She loves her some barefoot dancin' and is of the fun-all-the-time philosophe' - so much so that she accentuates the apostrophe'. She'll pour herself a delicious orange cocktail - it's basically a screwdriver, only totally upscale. She'll spin some old records and turn them up loud - she'll sing and dance like she owns it, all confident and proud. Her living room becomes her own studio 54 - all decked out in her fabulous clementine decor. And when her night is done - and up comes the sun - she'll flop down on the sofa and reminisce about all her fun. She'll take a nap, then do it all again, which I guess is just fine - for I wouldn't expect anything less from the lovely Mrs. Clementine.

1. Halston Heritage, Plisse Double Layer Silk Maxi Dress 2. Tiffany Sparklers 3. Sequin Multi Stone Necklace 4. Ice Kabobs 5. Clarins Rapid Tanner 6. Compari & Blood Orange Cocktail 7. Anthropology Fruiteria Lamp 8. Vintage Phillips Record Player 9. Jonathan Adler Templeton Sofa

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