Think Pink


If just for a moment we could immerse ourselves in a sea of pink - it would be but a magnificent moment, dontchya think? Enter Mrs. Lilien glittering in pink from head to toe - cascading through this pink boudoir happy and all aglow. Or perfectly perched on this lovely pink davenport - chatting wildly over drinks with a favorite cohort. Either or both would be perfectly fine - a palace of pink is nothing short of divine - I'm sure this Mrs would certainly align - just look at her pink shrine. Pink is just good for your mood - it's like happy brain food with all kinds of 'tude. So, the next time you think... 'hey, I need a drink' - channel your inner Mrs and pour one that's pink - let's cheers to that... 'clink!'

1. David Hicks 2. The Waldorf Astoria [via : This Mrs]3. Rosangel 4. Phillip Lim Cheeky Silk Briefs 5. Ylang 23 Pink Earrings 6. Lenox Caribbee Cigarette Lighter

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