Mrs. Key Lime


Meet Mrs. Key Lime - she's all Mrs and pretty darn fine! She's got a quirky thing for lovely little lime-y's - and she just so happens to speak in fantastic little rhymies. She adores all things that are bright and chartreusey - not to mention limey cocktails that keep her relaxed and loosey. She likes nice things, and that's no surpise - she matches her jewels to her gorgeous hazel eyes. She is a serious Mrs of leisure - and gallivants around delighting her pleasure. She loves a good party and is a stupendous host - she makes sure everyone has a cocktail for the big toast. She covets her Mrs limes, as you can clearly see - she stores them by the bushel in her deep freeze - and locks them up with a secret golden key. She's funny like that but you can't really blame her - she's Mrs. Key Lime, she's gotta live up to the name we gave her!

1. Gilded Garden Dress 2. Cluster Clip-ons 3. House Of Lavande Necklace 4. Tiffany Key 5. Lanvin Patent Leather Flats 6. Kate Spade Brooklyn Heights Stevie 7. Belvedere Kaffir Collins 8. Mrs Limes 9. Vintage Embossed Glass Cocktail Shaker 10. Jonathan Adler Ojai Serving Tray 11. St. Tropez Chair

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