Bauble Fever


I've got bauble fever - she's got bauble fever - we've got bauble fever... and there's only one cure. A bauble a day - will keep the fever at bay - at least this is what the experts say. Sparkly things are good for your soul as well as your health - an abundance of bling also ups your stock of bauble wealth. Pools of jewels that make you drools will certainly keep your fever cools! So pile on all your fancy things and smother yourself in healthy amounts of bling - to keep yourself bright-eyed and glittering.

1. Beauties 2. More Beauties 3. Bounkit White Topaz Dinner Ring 4. House Of Lavande Bauble 5. Danielle Stevens Bauble 6. Ylang 23 Vintage Bright Green Clip-ons

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