Holiday Making


Plans are in order for a luxurious weekend of holiday making - where I plan to spend all day in the sun ever so chicly baking. Looking painfully glamorous in a two piece suit - with patent pumps-up-to-there, to boot! Sipping on bubbly the whole day long - chatting with the ladies and gossiping quite a song. A long weekend away luxuriating and relaxing - will be totally worth all the pre-holiday waxing. I will keep you posted on my plans - that will certainly be a weekend sans the mans - in which I will return with a wicked tans. In the meantime, I'll be spending wads of dollars - getting all gorgeous at the beauty parlors. And when the time comes, I'll meet my darlings in the oasis - where we'll proceed to polish off champagne by the cases, while we apply sunscreen to our faces whilst lounging on poolside chaises. Good times, lots of champagne and too much gin - makes for a very happy Mrs. Lilien!

1. Slim Aarons, Leisure and Fashion 2. Slim Aarons, Sundowners 3. Slim Aarons, Penthouse Pool 4. Gingham + Geranium Bikini 5. Estée Lauder Hydra Lustre Lipstick 6. Emilio Pucci Medea Straw Hat 7. Jimmy Choo Quiet Patent Leather Pumps 8. Wolf Bass Red Label

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