A Mrs. Remedy


Whether it be a nasty day, or perhaps a Mrs boo-boo - this Mrs has just the thing for you - and no, it's not voodoo, but rather a remedy you can hold onto. A Mrs must always have a proper slew of remedies up her sleeve - supplies to erase the grey skies, if you can believe! A prescription of good pills must not be overlooked - if you get your hands on these dazzling capsules, you'll be hooked!  I'm not sure I can really quite explain - the benefits of a good glass of champagne - it's best to keep it running through your Mrs veins. An emergency link to a bottomless secret stash - for when you run out of Mrs cash - and need to make a feel good purchase in a flash. And for the occasion of a Mrs boo-boo - and standard first aid just won't do - it's best to have a 24k band aid or two. Lastly, and certainly not leastly, a pair of gold tweezers - is a must for unexpected Mrs procedures. So there you have my list of Mrs must haves - the necessary remedies to help ease the dreadful drabs!

1. Gold Pills 2. Gold Bandage 3. Dom Perignon 4. Gold Tweezers 5. Gold Card

Cocktails, The Mrs.
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