Vera : The Art & Life of an Icon


Vera : The Art & Life of an Icon, is our second Mrs Literary Read - a book about a Mrs that I have always fancied. From Miss to Mrs she was prolific and bold - the first Mrs to cross-license her products where they were sold. Her work was so totally show stopping - that she had to prevent others from copying - so her trademark she started dropping. She was wildly creative and rather inventive - she averaged 500 paintings per year - my, how extensive! This book is a treasure, one you'll be glad to own - about this Mrs who was so well known. So go ahead and get your copy - once you begin, you won't be able to stopy!

1. Vera : The Art & Life of an Icon 2. Mrs. Vera 3. The Vera Company TM 4. Vera Scarf 5. Louisa Settee

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