Gone Yachting


She's been packing for weeks, gathering this that and whatnot - this Mrs is taking holiday and stealing off on her yacht. She's planning to spend the better part of spring - sunning herself on the foc'sle and dripping in bling. She does this every year in order to recharge her Mrs batteries - basking in the glory of every passerby's gushing flatteries. Her yacht, christened "Two Cheek Kisses" is absolutely ridiculous - it's the envy of the sea and hardly inconspicuous. She loads it up with copious cases of wine - sipping out of her Mrs glass all day in the sunshine. She has plans to pull into various exotic ports - and stay a night or two in luxury resorts. And when she returns she'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - regaling you with fantastical tails about the oceans that she just sailed. A bountiful Bon Voyage to this dashing and delightful Mrs - cheers to a fabulous spring cruise set sail the "Two Cheek Kisses!"

1. Harvey Faircloth, Sailor Tunic Top 2. Harvey Faircloth Wrap Waist Pants 3. Kate Spade, Thank Your Lucky Stars Necklace 4. Miu Miu Patent Leather Espadrilles 5. Kate Spade Darling Point Champagne Saucer 6. Christian Dior B&G Lipstick, No. 622 7. Swanson Vineyards, 2003 Salon La Ti Da Estate Wine 8. Eugenia Kim Honey Striped Straw Hat 9. Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Butterfly Sunglasses 10. Globe Trotter Centenary Luggage

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