Mrs. Keep-In-Touch


There's no forgetting Mrs. Keep-In-Touch - she's fabulous about corresponding and such. She's your typical chatty Kathy with a social mission - she'll keep you up to date on the gossip with care and precision. She's filled with all kinds of happy-go-lucky chatter - amusing you with funny things that don't really matter. She'll tell you what she overheard at the club, and remind you of your Aunt Sally's birthday - and she'll do it with perfect finesse in her lovely Mrs. Keep-In-Touch way. She'll phone you with a smile and without even thinking about it - keeping in touch is what makes her special, she'd go batty without it! She's big on letter writing and sending thank you notes galore - to all her special someones that she fancies and adores. Penning sweet nothings and delivering good gossipy cheer - is what makes Mrs. Keep-In-Touch such a red-letter dear.

1. Conde Nast, 1956 2. Audrey Hepburn By Mark Shaw 3. Pottery Barn Rotary Card File 4. Vintage Pink Phone 5. Gold and Diamond Caran D'ache Leman Ballpoint Pen  6. Paperwink Telegram

Mrs. So-&So
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