Ode to Mrs. Apfel



Oh Iris, she's a Mrs after my very own heart - she's a true bold beauty, a walking work of art. I'm not sure there's a Mrs who's sensibilities I admire more - her boldness beams bright from the depths of her Mrs core. Her accessories are larger than life - the way she piles them on makes them twice as nice. She is without doubt the queen of statement pieces - fueled by her the-more-the-merrier attitude, my admiration only increases. This Mrs who's certainly not afraid to go big - just so happened upon all the major shindigs. Speaking of big, of her glasses she says "the bigger to see you" - have become her Mrs signature, who knew! Her legendary wardrobe has toured the world - gracing exotic locales and major museums, her collection has globally toured. What I'd give to partake in high tea with this Mrs - just to gab for a bit about all things bold, fashiony and delicious. All hail this fearless duchess - cheers to you lady Iris!

1-4. Mrs. Iris Apfel 5. Lee Angel, Bubble Necklace 6. Vintage Frames - and New Ones Here 7. 1970's Lanvin Jade Pendant Necklace 8. Kate Spade, It Takes All Sorts Ring 9. Kenneth Jay Lane Wood Bangle

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