In A Mrs. Pantry...


Everyone knows that a Mrs luxuriates in her leisurely moods - and she likes to enrich herself with decadent foods. So, today we step inside a Mrs pantry - and examine the tasty goodies that she fancies. Open the doors and you'll find all every kind of dippy - not to mention personal champagnes to spontaneously sippy. She likes to think of her life as a series of cocktail hours - so she stocks her pantry accordingly with snacky things she loves to devour. According to her cocktail du jour - she'll whip up something tasty to compliment the liqueur. She has in her pantry a handful of fancy appetizers - that she can roll out on the fly, making her all the wisers! In a special jar she keeps a secret stash - filled with rainy day Mrs things, not to mention wads of cash. Along side the pantry staples, she stocks zillions of spices - for when she consults her recipe box the end result surpassingly suffices. And, for when Mr. Lilien comes home unexpected - she keeps a tube of lipstick to quickly freshen up and look beautifully collected. Be it savory or sticky sweet - this Mrs pantry stays tidy and neat. Whether entertaining out of the blue, or just looking for something noshy - this Mrs keeps her pantry stocked well and rather poshy!

1. Vintage Kitchen 2. Betty Cocker's Box O' Recipes 3. Chanel Lipstick 4. Fluff 5. Sofia Coppola Mini Blanc de Blancs 6. Tipsy Blue Cheese Olives 7. Dean & Deluca Domestic Osetra Caviar 8. Mamie's Cheese Wafers 9. Carr's Table Water Crackers 10. Jonathan Adler Uppers Jar 11. Escargot 12. Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Mix 13. Dean & DeLuca Pepper Sampler

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