Mrs. Glitterati


You know when she's coming because you're blinded by her glitz - she's Mrs. Glitterati, she's always donning the blingy outfits. She's a glamazon from head to toe - and her house totally glitters, you know! She lives in Miami but keeps a condo in San Francisco - you'd choke if your saw it, it's floor to ceiling disco! She wears her name proudly and rocks her own groove - she does what she wants and poo-poos any kind of reprove. You can take her picture, she certainly won't mind - but I'd advise against it because you'll probably end up blind! She's a real hotsy totsy - and absolutely adored by the paparazzi - it makes perfect sense... why, she's Mrs. Glitterati!

1. The Fabulous Donyale Luna 2. Mirror Ball 3. Christian Louboutin, Galaxy Pass 100 Sandals 4. Matthew Williamson, Graphic Mirror Belt 5. Lee Angel, 18 Strand Silver Necklace 6. Sheesha Pillow

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