One hat, two hat, three hat four - five hat, six hat, seven hat MORE! Brimmed, straw, embelished or flat - every Mrs needs an amazing hat. Whether she wears one just for fun, or to shade her Mrs complexion from the sun - by golly, she doesn't even need a good reason to wear one. This weekend don your best hat, the one you adore - and just see how it returns with compliments galore! Hats are fantastic and fantastic is good - have you a fantastic hat?...well, you should!

1. Conde Nast, Galitzine Hat 2. Conde Nast, Audrey Hepburn in Velvet Hat 3. Vogue, 1958 4. Kate Spade, Straw Sunglasses Hat 5. 50's Stripe Audrey Hat 6. Eugenia Kim, Max Mini Fedora 7. Juicy Couture, Pom Pom Tassel Hat

Fashion, Mrs. Spade, tastic!
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