Mrs. Grand Slam


Tennis, anyone? A match with this Mrs is sure to be fun! She's a fabulous doubles partner and a staunch solo player - she's known at the club as the game-set-match-slayer - it's a given that she'll win any time you play her. She's got a wicked backhand that unexpectedly curves - and she'll give you a run for your money every time she serves. Win or loose she's always a good sport - she's nothing but esteemed on the court. She loves to have fun and always brings refreshments - enough for all the ladies and gents - knocking a few back after a good match makes perfect sense! She's tennis chic from head to toe - it's really the only way to play, you know! She's Mrs. Grand Slam - she's a totally-tennis-wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am!

1. Tennis Dress 2. Adidas Court Star 3. Lacoste, Rainbow Stripe Sunhat 4. Unique Round Sunglasses 5. Tennis Bracelet 6. Lacost Pom Pom Tennis Socks 7. Kate Spade, Mystic Tennis Bag 8. Sequen Tennis Balls 9. Tiffany Tennis Ball Can 10. Coral Lipstick 11. Ladies Leather Flask

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