It's a holiday weekend and there's so much ado - like sunbathing and firing up the BBQ - just to name a thing or two. Whipping up fabulous drinks - possibly hitting the links - sounds like splendid fun, dontcha thinks?! Here at the Lilien Manse we'll be backyarding - entertaining up the wazoo and party-hardy-ing! It's sunny warm and we're all a buzz - I think that's what the onset of summer does - not for nothing but just because! A hearty 'Chin-Chin' from my backyard to yours - may your weekend be memorial and celebrated outdoors!

1. Milly Martinique Tunic 2. Gold Plated Tongs 3. Jimmy Choo Woven Leather Espadrilles 4. Beef Eater Gold Plated BBQ 5. Tuuci Exuma Cabana 6. Submerged Watercolor Maillot 7. Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses, Crazy Tortoise 8. Coconut Cup

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