Mrs. Mucha Muchacha


Mrs. Mucha Muchacha is all Mrs and then some - she's spicy yet ladylike and hardly ho-hum. She prefers warm sunny weather - because it's just better. This Mrs is a real twinkle toes and can really cut a rug - always with flowers in her hair to keep it pulled back snug. Ravishing red is her signature color - she wouldn't be caught dead in anything duller. She's loads of fun not to wickedly witty - and let's not leave out the fact that she's undeniably pretty! She's Mrs. Mucha Muchacha - she's totally top-notcha!

Song : Mucha Muchacha, Juan-Garcia Esquivel 1. "M" in Orange 2. Harvey Faircloth, Billowy Top 3. Mermaid Mesh Wedges 4. Vasanti, The Ultimate Red Lipstick 5. Tory Burch, Rattan Clutch 6. The Dazzling Mrs. Del Rio, by Slim Aarons

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