Cheeky Chic


Shouldn't fabulousness filter through every facet of our Mrs beings? Precisely! That's why these sweet nothings are what you are seeings! White cotton panties are just plain boring - but shimmering fancy pants are totally adoring! Prancing around in your boudoir best - will not only make you feel pretty but will certainly add some bedroom zest! Purchasing cheeky chic knickers and such by the cases - will ensure that you're fabulously boudoir clad on a daily basis. It just takes a little effort to avoid looking frumpy - to make it easy why not throw your unsightly underpinnings in the dumpy! So, go on and spruce up your bedroom attire, who knows what might transpire... regardless, it will only fuel your Mrs fire!

[Psst...In order to keep your fancy pants looking posh - you must hand launder them with a delicate wash!]

1. Tumbling Bodysuit 2. The Lake & Stars, Franklin Tank / The Lake & Stars Franklin Brief 3. Stella McCartney, Grace Walking Chemise 4. The Laundress, Delicate Wash 5. Madame Hawke Fancy Blazer / Madame Hawke Fancy Pants

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