My Mother's Clothes



I'm thrilled to announce the Mrs. Literary Book Club's third edition - My Mother's Clothes, what a stunning addition! The perfect choice wouldn't you say - being that we're on the heels of Mother's Day! Vintage glamour, fabulous fashion all mixed together with memories of mother - makes for a delicious Mrs read from cover to cover! The still life images alone are worth their weight in gold - captured by the lens of her daughter and so eloquently told. A moving read and a magnificent keepsake - what an amazing gift this book would make! Thanks to Jeanette Montgomery Barron for bestowing this glowing memoir - it just might be the very best Mrs read thus far!

1. My Mother's Clothes, by Jeanette Montgomery Barron 2. Kate Spade Galleria Lynda Chubby Coat [fall 2010] 3. Labour Of Love, White Ladies Gloves 4. Prada, Vitello Shine Tote 

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Vera, The Art of an Icon - any comments on this literary bon-bon?

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