Mrs. Choco Lotta


Let me introduce the decadent Mrs. Choco Lotta - she's lives up to her name just as she oughtta. She prefers shades rich and choco lotty - as displayed so perfectly on her bag all polka dotty. She likes to dress up - and she'll be the first to fess up - even thought she causes pandemonium she always cleans her mess up. She has an entire trunk devoted to chocolate accessories and baubles - just the mere sight of it's overflowing chocolate fabulousness would give anyone the wobbles. She's so cheery and chocolatey not to mention brilliant in brown - she's not only the richest Mrs about the town - her chocolatey goodness is world renown! 

1. Kate Spade Pitrizzia Dot Louis 2. Brown Woven Sun Hat 3. Linda Farrow Luxe 19 Sunglasses 4. Hermes Scarf 5. Shu Umera Luxe Brown Falsies 6. Walter Steiger Platforms 

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